Quick Answer: How Do You Get To The Mountain Waterfall In Zelda?

How do I get the White Sword in Legend of Zelda?

It can be obtained once Link has five Hearts in his Heart meter.

The young hero can wield this sword by speaking to the White Sword-Giving Old Man in a cave in the northeast of Hyrule near a waterfall, which is guarded by a Lynel..

How do I get an angler’s tunnel key?

When you come to a boulder blocking your path, lift it, continue east, and climb down the ladder. Keep heading right along the top side of the path until you come to a big, fish-shaped keyhole. Use the Angler Key here.

Tal Tal HeightsAfter Animal Village, Marin can be found on a broken bridge outside of Tal Tal Heights in Link’s Awakening.

How do you get into the waterfall in dungeons Link’s Awakening?

To reach it, you need to go to Tal Tal Heights, by finding Dampe’s Shack (where you create Chamber Dungeons, and it’s east of where you rescued BowWow earlier) and heading east along a path against the cliff by moving some rocks. Continue going, down the steps, until you reach a key hole against a waterfall.

The Pink Ghost is a task you’re given in Zelda: Link’s Awakening, following the fourth Angler’s Tunnel dungeon. It involves finding the Pink Ghost House location, followed by the grave with flowers. Doing so helps you on your way to the next challenge – the Catfish’s Maw.

The Waterfall is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Located in Tal Tal Heights, the Waterfall blocks entry to Angler’s Tunnel. Once Link has defeated the Lanmola in Yarna Desert and has obtained the Angler Key, however, he can use it to stop the flow of the Waterfall.

How do you get to Tal Tal Heights waterfall?

Climbing the Mountain Waterfall Head back east and climb back to the level you were at previously. Continue back east and climb the first of the two ladders on this level – this leads you to the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Chuck the rocks aside and enter the cave. Inside the cave, head right.

Where is the old man in the graveyard Legend of Zelda?

Upper-right-hand corner of the graveyard, middle row, second from the right, push that grave. The old man will give you the Magic Sword.

Why is there a pink ghost following me in Link’s Awakening?

Shortly after you clear the Angler’s Tunnel dungeon in Link’s Awakening, an odd pink ghost will start following you around. Eventually, he’ll start dropping hints about what he wants. This guide will walk you through getting him home and claiming your reward.

As soon as you leave, you’ll see a series of pits surrounding a Heart Piece. Using Roc’s Feather, now only can you grab this Heart Piece, but you can then also leap north, taking you to Tal Tal Heights. As soon as you arrive in this area, turn right, and enter the cave with the skull outside.

Where is the waterfall in Legend of Zelda?

The Waterfall is a location from The Legend of Zelda. It is first depicted on the game’s title screen, along with the game’s title. Link can find the Tektite-infested Waterfall at the center of Death Mountain, near the Lost Hills.

How do you get to the angler cave?

Use the angler key on the key hole and the Angler’s Tunnel appears. Now head up the mountain path to the right of the Wind Fish and move the rocks out of the way to enter the cave. Near the end of the cave, use the Pegasus boots on the green rocks and get to the other cave exit.