Quick Answer: How Did BOD Learn To Read If He Didn’T Attend School?

How did BOD learn to read and write?

How did Bod learn to read and write.

Silas had him search for letters on tombstones and copy them.


Owens read him “Cat and the Hat” so he could learn to rhyme..

Why did BOD suddenly feel a sense of panic in the graveyard what helped him overcome his fears?

What helped him overcome his fears? Bod felt a sense of panic in the grave- yard when he realized that all the dead and Silas were gone. The white flower in his lapel and the music he perceived helped him overcome his panic. Bod felt elated that the living were mingling with the dead and that everyone was dancing.

Why did Silas ask Miss Lupescu?

Why did Silas ask Miss Lupescu to serve as Bod’s Temporary guardian? How did Bod feel about this arrangement? Miss Lupescu acted as Bod’s temporary guardian because Silas had to go away. Bod disliked Miss Lupescu.

What is nobody Owens real name?

Bod is the most Goth kid you’ll ever meet – he lives in a graveyard and is raised by ghosts, a vampire, and a werewolf, for Pete’s sake.

Why did the man Jack kill bods family?

What did Jack want to do in The Graveyard Book? Jack’s motive is to kill Bod, and he succeeded in killing Bod’s family. He wants to kill Bod because there is a prophecy that Jack, and the four other Jacks who make up an ancient brotherhood, will…

How did BOD become noticed at school?

Bod became noticed at school when he began to stand up for the students who were being bullied by Mo and Nick. … Silas, furious that Bod had allowed himself to become noticed at school, insisted that Bod withdraw from school and stay in the graveyard.

What does BOD learn in the graveyard book?

Four-year-old Bod learns to read and write. He also makes a new friend, Scarlett Amber Perkins. … When Miss Lupescu saves him from becoming ghoul-meat, Bod learns to love and appreciate her. When Bod is about eight years old, he meets Liza Hempstock, a witch who’s buried on the borders of the graveyard.

What does the lady in GREY symbolize?

The Lady on the Grey is another super-mysterious figure. She might be a personification of death – which means she’s death in human form, like a prettier version of the Grim Reaper. She says that everybody – and that means you, too – will eventually get to ride her white horse (called a “grey”).

Why did bods adoptive parents feel ill at ease when they met BOD at their tomb?

Why did Bod’s adoptive parents feel ill at ease when they met Bod at their tomb? Bod’s parents felt uncomfortable because they knew they were saying their last good-byes to Bod, but he didn’t yet know that he was about to leave them.