Quick Answer: Can You Use Any Stylus With GoodNotes?

Do you need Apple pencil for GoodNotes?

GoodNotes 5 works on all iOS devices that run iOS 12 or higher.

However, it could happen that your iPad model can install GoodNotes 5 but does not support the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil 1st generation works with the following iPads: …

iPad Pro 12.9in (2nd gen, 2017).

Can you use a stylus on any tablet?

And they are compatible with any device that has a capacitive touch screen.

What can you use instead of finger on touch screen?

In addition to copper, aluminum is another material that works with capacitive touchscreens. While aluminum isn’t as conductive as copper, it’s still able to conduct electricity — just like your bare fingers. As a result, it’s supported by capacitive touchscreens.

What is GoodNotes compatible with?

Which styluses does GoodNotes 5 support?Apple Pencil 1st generation.Apple Pencil 2nd generation.Logitech Crayon.All non-Bluetooth capacitive styluses.

What apps can I use a stylus with?

10 best stylus apps and S Pen apps for Android!Adobe apps.Autodesk apps.Character Maker.DocuSign.Google Handwriting Input.

Does GoodNotes work without wifi?

Very handy, but GoodNotes improves on these services in two ways: Evernote and OneNote do server-side handwriting recognition, which means you need an internet connection and there will be a delay in recognition – something that’s been particularly noticeable with Evernote in my experience.

Can you use GoodNotes without a stylus?

Configuring palm rejection is only necessary if you’re writing with a non-Bluetooth capacitive stylus or your fingers. It allows you to rest your hand on the screen while you’re writing and will block most unwanted marks caused by your palm. …

Which is better GoodNotes or notability?

Using Notability, users can record audio files while taking notes. … While GoodNotes supports document tabs (think of tabbed browsing when surfing the web), Notability allows users to open two notes side by side in a split-screen view. This makes comparing notes much easier.

What can I use as stylus for touch screen?

DIY: The 2-minute StylusA cotton swab (aka “Q-tip”)Aluminum foil.Scissors.Tape.A pen.

What stylus works with older iPads?

So we’re highlighting five great alternatives to the Apple Pencil compatible with many iPad models.Logitech Crayon. … Adonit Note+ … Wacom Bamboo Duo. … MoKo Active Stylus Pen. … Studio Neat Cosmonaut.

Can you convert handwriting to text in GoodNotes?

Even though GoodNotes is not primarily built for typing text with the keyboard, you can convert your handwritten notes to typed text: … Circle the handwritten notes you want to convert. Tap on the selection and tap Convert.

Can I use GoodNotes on iPhone?

A new, universal version of GoodNotes 5 is rolling out today for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The app costs $7.99 in the US app store for use across all three platforms. … That’s because if you have the mobile apps, it’s easy to delete your Mac app and re-download the new version at no cost.

Can you use a stylus on any iPad?

The Apple Pencil is, of course, the natural choice of stylus for iPad – but only if you own one of the two iPad models that are compatible with it: an iPad Pro or sixth-generation iPad (2018). If you do, there isn’t a better stylus to write and draw with on the market.

Are stylus pens bad for iPad?

A regular stylus will not work. You must buy one specifically designed for the iPhone/ipad. The touch screen is capacitive(uses elictrical signals from finger), not pressure sensitive.