Question: Will I Get Banned For Using GFX Tool?

How can I use GFX tool without getting banned?

How to use GFX tool without getting banned.

It is best to turn off the tool after each major update of the game to wait for the tool’s developer to catch up.

Sometimes PUBG Mobile’s developers would update the anti-cheat software – and you might get banned if your GFX tool is not yet updated to counter it..

Does GFX tool damage your phone?

As pubg is a heavy game I don’t have a gaming phn to play . So I installed GFX tool to get 60 FPS. Yeah, of course! It’s very harmful for your phone.

Which GFX tool is best?

20 Best Gfx Tool PUBG (Android/iPhone) 2021GFX Tool Android. … HD Graphics Tool Android. … GFXBench GL iPhone. … Battlegrounds Advanced Graphic tool [NO BAN] Android. … GFX Tool Pro for PU Battle ground – 60FPS Android. … GFXBench Metal iPhone. … GFX Tool For PUBG. … GFX Tool Pro- Free Fire Booster by Magar Apps Android.More items…•

Why is PUBG so laggy?

You may get low FPS or lagging issues if your computer is overheating. Check your computer and see if its cooling system works fine. … You can’t get a smooth gaming experience if the graphics settings on your game put a heavy burden on your computer. Try lowering your graphic settings for your game and check.

Is it safe to use GFX tool?

The GFX tool was developed by an XDA member tsoml and using this tool you can drastically improve your PUBG mobile gaming performance on any Android smartphone. It is a third-party application and is completely safe to use for games like PUBG.

Does GFX tool reduce lag?

1. Use GFX Tool. One of the best tool available on google play store which can help you to unlock 60 Fps. It also reduces lag as it provides graphics option like So Smooth which remove unnecessary graphics from the game and thus, reduces the rendering lag.

How long is PUBG ban?

30 Days2) PUBG will never ask you for your password, and PUBG will be committed to protect and securely manage user’s personal information….Rules of Conduct.Penalty Criteria for MisconductMaximum Penalty PeriodUsage of Inappropriate Nicknames30 Days BanTeamkillingPermanent BanTeamingPermanent BanGameplay Interference30 Days Ban13 more rows

Will PUBG ban for using GFX tool?

It is illegal to use GFX tools to change the graphics of the game, and usage of the tools can lead to a permanent ban. This article also talks about the legality associated with using the tools in PUBG Mobile.

Does GFX tool ban free fire?

Is the use of a GFX tool allowed in Free Fire? According to the FAQ section of the official Free Fire website, the use of third-party applications to gain kind any advantage is prohibited.