Question: Which Countries Speak German?

Is it hard to learn German?

Many beginner level language students have the misconception that German is an almost impossible language to learn.

Seemingly endless compound words and the concept of noun genders is often enough to scare people off learning German for good.

However, German actually isn’t nearly as hard to learn as you might think..

How many countries speak German?

six countriesThe six countries that have German as their official language, in alphabetical order, are: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Which countries in Africa speak German?

German, a Germanic language, is especially widely used in central and southern Namibia and was until 1990 one of three official languages in what was then South West Africa, alongside Afrikaans and English, two other Germanic languages in Namibia.

Is German spoken more than French?

If your target countries are France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Québec (Canada), North and Central Africa, French is the best option. (iii) German: The German language is spoken by over 100 million native speakers and a total of 185 million speakers worldwide.

What percent of world speaks German?

About 76 million people in the world speak German as a first language, with an additional 56 million speaking it as a second, third or fourth language.

Is German better than French?

The grammar of the French language is significantly harder than German grammar. There are several exceptions to each rule and different verb patterns in the French language, whereas German has less number of such limitations and verb patterns. Therefore German is easier to learn than French.

Where is German spoken as a first language?

It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol in Italy, the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein.

Is English older than German?

Ancient German became Dutch, Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and one of the languages that developed into English. The English language is a result of the invasions of the island of Britain over many hundreds of years. The invaders lived along the northern coast of Europe.

Where is the best German spoken?

HannoverThe “best” German is considered to be spoken around Hannover.

Is German a dying language?

So, the German language is not dying. Much too many people speak German as a native language, and the fact that it’s an Indoeuropean language makes it less likely to die out. … Right, so the language isn’t dying, but it has definitely changed. According to Thomas Steinfeld, German is an invention of the late 1800s.

What is the most spoken language in world?

English is the largest language in the world, if you count both native and non-native speakers. If you count only native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the largest. Mandarin Chinese is the largest language in the world when counting only first language (native) speakers.

What is the smallest German speaking country?

Officially, there are six German speaking countries in Europe:Germany – with more than 80 million speakers.Austria – 8 million.Switzerland – 4.6 million.Belgium – 75.000 people.Luxembourg – 390.000people.Liechtenstein – 35,000 people.