Question: What Stars Are 54 Years?

What stars are 59 years old?

59 Years OldBarack Obama.

US President.Billy Ray Cyrus.

Country Singer.George Clooney.

Movie Actor.Eddie Murphy.

Movie Actor.Ralph Macchio.

Movie Actor.Carole Baskin.

Activist.George Lopez.

Comedian.Michael J.


Movie Actor.More items….

What actors are 60 years old?

60 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Turning 60 This YearEmma Thompson. Emma Thompson, the British star of countless films, from Much Ado About Nothing to Love Actually to Saving Mr. … Magic Johnson. Shutterstock. … Jason Alexander. By George! … Simon Cowell. Shutterstock. … Val Kilmer. … Kevin Spacey. … Hugh Laurie. … Marie Osmond.More items…•

What celebrity is 60?

60 Years OldRuPaul. TV Show Host.Jeremy Clarkson. TV Show Host.Jane Lynch. TV Actress.Hugh Grant. Movie Actor.Niki Mahajan. Fashion Designer.Bono. Rock Singer.Colin Firth. Movie Actor.Antonio Banderas. Movie Actor.More items…

What actors are in their 50s?

Top actors-actresses in their 50’sGeorge Clooney. Actor | Michael Clayton. … Brad Pitt. Producer | Ad Astra. … Cate Blanchett. Actress | Carol. … Robert Downey Jr. Actor | Iron Man. … Johnny Depp. Actor | Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. … Nicole Kidman. Actress | Moulin Rouge! … Tom Cruise. Actor | Top Gun. … Julianne Moore. Actress | Far from Heaven.More items…•

Who was born in 1961?

Birth Date between 1961-01-01 and 1961-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)George Clooney. Actor | Michael Clayton. … Amy Sedaris. Actress | Puss in Boots. … Eddie Murphy. Actor | The Nutty Professor. … Forest Whitaker. Actor | The Last King of Scotland. … Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Actress | Seinfeld. … Dylan McDermott. … Peter Jackson. … Meg Ryan.More items…

What year is 57 years old born?

3 Answers By Expert Tutors You were born either in 1961 (before today’s day and month) or in 1960 (after today’s day and month). Student, Perhaps you were born 57 years ago?

Is 57 considered old?

People responding to their survey said 57 years old is the age people become officially old. According to the survey, 39% of people worry about their declining health, making it the number one aging-related concern. Next in line were wrinkles (36%), weight gain (36%), gray hair (35%), and hair loss (34%).

What stars are 55 years old?

55 Years OldRobert Downey Jr. Movie Actor.J.K. Rowling. Young Adult Author.The Undertaker. Wrestler.Shah Rukh Khan. Movie Actor.Dr. Dre. Rapper.Salman Khan. Movie Actor.Jill Vertes. Reality Star.Martin Lawrence. Movie Actor.More items…

What stars are 53 years old?

53 Years OldVin Diesel. Movie Actor.Matt LeBlanc. TV Actor.Will Ferrell. Movie Actor.Julia Roberts. Movie Actress.Jamie Foxx. Movie Actor.Jimmy Kimmel. TV Show Host.Mark Ruffalo. Movie Actor.Nicole Kidman. Movie Actress.More items…

What stars are 57 years?

57 Years OldMichael Jordan. Basketball Player.Johnny Depp. Movie Actor.Brad Pitt. Movie Actor.John Stamos. TV Actor.Jill Hudson. YouTube Star.Kevin Chamberlin. TV Actor.Lisa Kudrow. TV Actress.Mike Myers. Movie Actor.More items…

Who is the most beautiful 50 year old woman?

This 50-year-old star was just named ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’Pierce Brosnan. … Sheryl Crow. … Denzel Washington. … Kelly Preston. … Keanu Reeves. … George Clooney. … Helen Mirren. Perfection. … Julianne Moore. It’s a coin toss as to what makes the 54-year-old actress hotter — her beauty or her career.More items…•

What actresses are in their 50s?

Robin Wright, Viola Davis, Julianne Moore, and Laura Linney are among the throng of 50 actresses over 50 currently making waves in Hollywood.Nicole Kidman (birthdate: 06/20/67) … Helena Bonham Carter (birthdate: 05/26/66) … Robin Wright (birthdate: 04/08/66) … Halle Berry. … Salma Hayek. … Viola Davis (birthdate: 08/11/65)More items…•