How Do You Join Two Parts In Inventor?

How do I convert assembly to part in Solidworks?

Save Assembly as Part PropertyManagerIn an assembly, click File > Save As.Select Part (*.


sldprt) for the file type.Select Include specified components.Select Override defaults.Click Save..

How do you shrinkwrap in Inventor?

On the Assemble tab Simplification panel, click Shrinkwrap . In the Shrinkwrap dialog box, the Components tab is active. In the Representation section, select the Design View, Position, and Level of Detail to be used. If you want the shrinkwrap component to remain associative to the design view in use, check the box.

How do you mate parts in Inventor?

To drag a component into position and place a Mate constraintHold down ALT , and then click the component to drag.Drag the component into position. … When the component is in the appropriate position, release the mouse to place the mate constraint.

How do you split in Inventor?

Split the Face of a Solid or Surface Body Click 3D Model tab Modify panel Split . In the Split dialog box, click Split Face . Using the Split Tool selector, select a 2D sketch, 3D sketch, work plane, or surface to use to split the face. Note: 3D sketches must lie on and fully intersect the faces to be split.

How do you merge faces in Inventor?

Click 3D Model tab Modify panel Combine . Using the Base selection arrow, choose the base solid body in the graphics window….Choose an operation for the combination:Join. Adds the volume of the base and the selected toolbodies together.Cut. … Intersect.

How do you subtract one part from another in Inventor?

First select the Base model (the model you want to subtract from). Then select the toolbody the solid you want to subtract from the base model. Then select the subtract option.

How do you simplify an assembly in Inventor?

About Simplified AssembliesOpen an assembly (. iam) file. On the Assemble tab, locate the Simplification panel.Click Simplify View and specify components included in the simplified version.Use Define Envelopes to replace complex geometry.When ready, combine the components into one simplified part using Create Simplified Part.