Pelvic Floor Yoga focuses on women’s pelvic health. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum, perimenopausal, postmenopausal, suffering from pain, incontinence, instability, or other discomforts, I may be able to help! Pelvic floor yoga helps you identify where you need strengthening and where you need stretching in an effort to stabilize and balance the pelvis and its muscles and provide proper support for your organs and your spine.

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    Hi Hillary,
    I am interested in receiving training to enable me to teach yoga for the pelvic floor. I have pelvic prolapse and keeping it under control through exercise but would like to teach a class to help others. I have my 200 hours plus numerous workshops/trainings. I live in a small rural town, Gold Beach in Oregon. I saw a 5 hour training in Seattle with Leslie Howard as guest but to travel that distance it doesn’t seem like that would be enough. Perhaps you could help direct me.
    Thank you, Mary

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      Hi Mary,
      I can see how a 5-hour training might not be worth the effort to travel, though Leslie Howard definitely squeezes in as much as she can in the allotted time! She also offers a full Pelvic Floor Teacher Training/Certification, which I completed and *highly* recommend. There are also a couple of online trainings for Pelvic Floor Yoga that might work for you. Shannon Crow, of The Connected Yoga Teacher, is a well-respected prenatal and pelvic floor yoga teacher; check her out! There is another teacher in Colorado who does an online training; I don’t know anything about her, but it might be worth looking into this as an option if traveling doesn’t make sense for you. My colleague Jeanna Lurie and I may offer remote trainings at some point, but that’s still simmering as a future vision. 🙂 Keep me posted about what you choose!

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