Hillary has the gift of being able to teach the whole class & adjust individuals at the same time. As a yoga teacher also, I can attest this is not easy. Class often has a theme, like one of the chakras or a sutra. She is a warm, loving yogini, doing the work she loves.

Jan S.

Hillary is the most! Most what, you ask? Caring. Creative. Thoughtful. Practiced. Fun yoga instructor you can find. I’ve practiced with her for 3 years plus a fantastic yoga retreat in Panama. Everyone loves her for all the right reasons! She lets you be your full self, giving basic guidance or advanced alternatives.

Rick S.

I took a yoga retreat with Hillary earlier this year & was fortunate enough to experience her classes twice daily. She is a compassionate, kind, & warm instructor. She provides appropriate adjustments & modifications. Her classes are very accessible & grounding. She has an amazing energy that just radiates off her all the time.

Jessica J.